Sunday, November 1, 2009

oh the deception...

The only veggie my 18 month old will eat is a green bean. It's very aggravating, we have tried giving him other forms of veggies, but dousing his broccoli in cheese sauce just didn't seem like the best habit to get into. So I've been attending a family nutrition class put on by a local university and they've been giving us all sorts of good nutritional tid bits for feeding our little ones. We make the recipes at the class and then the kids taste test them for us afterward. During the class my son always eats everything! Which is great, but so far we've only done fruit, which isn't my problem!!

In the meantime several mothers in the class were talking about a book called Deceptively Delicious, by Jessica Seinfeld. I kind of paid attention, but not really. Then two of my friends, mentioned the same book after I told them about my finicky eater. After finding out our library doesn't carry the book, I headed to the bookstore to see if it was worth buying. I wanted to find out what this secret was to getting kids to eat and like nutritious foods. After perusing the book, I found out it's all about the purees. Very exciting, I will finally get good use out of my food processor that my husband gave me last Christmas!!! So I bought the book.

I already put the book to work and I made the Tortilla "Cigars"(pureed carrots, *pureed black beans, My son was so intrigued with what Mommy was making for dinner, that he came by stuck his fingers in the bowl of filling and taste tested it before it my son and said, you know you're eating carrots and black beans right? He responded with "MMMMM" The final product was also a success, and our son ate his veggies and didn't even know it. However, as he gets older I'll have to focus on getting him to make healthy food choices when the food can't always be "hidden" from him. Hopefully the rest of the recipes are just as easy and tasty :)

*I substituted the pureed squash in the actual recipe for pureed black beans since I have like 20 cans of them, and no squash :)

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