Monday, November 23, 2009


Holly over at 504 Main passed this blog award on to me, and as part of accepting the award I get to list 10 random facts about me...

So here goes:

1 I love Journey
2. I ran the Army 10 Miler in 2005
3. I have lived in 6 states: WA, VA, KS, CA, GA, and NY-in that order
4. I love the way books smell
5. I've probably read Flowers in the Attic more than any other book
6. I hate stepping in water with socks on
7. I was adopted by my Dad
8. I have been to 41 states and 10 countries
9. I love to cook-duh!
10. I only ever want to be self-employed

I have to admit when she left me a comment that she had something for me on her blog, I got all excited thinking I had won her giveaway! Even though I didn't get the stamper, I still came out a winner!

I don't really have anyone to give this award to...yet. I am new to the blogosphere, so I am going to hang onto it a bit before I pass it on.

1 comment:

Miss. Candy said...

I HATE wet socks as well, that drive me nuts, that and when water travels up the arms of your shirt! Drives me INSANE!! I was also adopted by dad as well!