Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can I borrow a quarter?

I am back writing again after how many months M.I.A? I know I started this blog for a reason...just wish I had the time for it! At any would seem as though today I do have time. Therefore I thought I would write on another of Mama Kat's Writers Prompts: (finally, a topic I can relate to) One pet peeve that shouldn’t drive you crazy, but does.

There are so many more than just one. Mama Kat's pet peeve relates to me as well. But since she wrote on that one, I'll tell you about another of my pet peeves.

Jingling change...or specifically my husband jingling his change, right next to my ear when he's standing beside me, or even across the rooom from me. It sends chills down my spine. He has his hands in his pockets, along with whatever change from the day, keys...and who knows what and he jingles it in his pockets. I.WANT.TO.SCREAM!!!!!! It really makes me irate, and I get unbelievably bent out of shape. When I started mentioning to my husband that it bothered me...he just made a joke saying, "You must have the most sensitive ears/hearing of anyone in the world to hear that" now he just says to me "what doesn't bother you?"

So now, instead of asking him politely(or screaming at him...whichever suits my purpose), I just tell him bluntly: "GIVE me the contents of your pockets, and no one will get hurt"