Monday, October 18, 2010

Solitary Confinement

I told my husband "I am leaving you."

He didn't seem too concerned, I guess he figured it'd just be for the day.

I left the jail house , warden husband, and the other inmates kids behind, and I escaped to get a haircut. I can't describe why this was as liberating as it was, but considering liberating used to be going on a Spain, a $15 haircut at Mastercuts was like a trip to Australia.

After the haircut I bought myself some new shirts at Kohl's, then I went to a movie. by. myself. I love being by myself. It was BLISS!! I really need to do it more often.

Family and kids are over-rated wonderful! They provide judgement unconditional love, and a life sentence never-ending companionship, but getting time to myself never happens is important. And not even a "moms-night-out" or "date night" can compare to my alone time. I won't say it re-charged me, because I came home a little pretty damn bitter sad that I had to...well....come home. But I will say with all my attitude good behavior, I hope I get put into solitary confinement out on my own a little more often.

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The High Family said...

I love this post and I keep dreaming of a "alone" day....someday. ;)

Glad you were able to get some time to yourself before your crazy week started.