Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adventures in NON-babysitting

Writing another Mama Kat's Writers Workshop
I chose:
5.) A memorable babysitting job.

Because I couldn't choose #3, even though I wanted to...I just can't chance it.

I was an awful babysitter. It wasn't that I lacked the desire to babysit, I always wanted my own babysitters club. I would have friends named Claudia, Mallory and Stacey and we'd run a lucrative babysitting business in Connecticut. I just didn't want to actually have to watch kids. Which leads me to my most memorable babysitting story...

My sister worked at McDonalds in high school, her manager was looking for a babysitter. She recommended her younger sister, (me, then 12) as a perfect fit. It was set up that I would watch his 2 kids after school, on weekdays for about 2-3 hours. A nice job, I earned money, and I was cool with that.

I showed up for the first few days of babysitting...and I.was.bored. The kids were annoying, they watched boring cartoons, and I had no interest in spending my afternoons with them. So I slept. What did it hurt? They were watching TV anyway. didn't turn out to hurt anyone, but myself. Because there was that one day their dad got home early from work(or maybe it was on time), and there I was still asleep on their couch while the kids watched TV.

Needless to say he drove me home that night, and he never picked me up to watch them. EVER. AGAIN! Who can blame him!? I think if I came home to find a babysitter asleep on the kids with my toddler aged kids running around, I would go berserk. I am lucky he was a mellow guy, I am lucky he drove me home.


Elle said...

Oh no! lol I'm surprised that they were quiet enough that you could sleep. I can never find the mute button on my daughter. ;)

VandyJ said...

Well, I'm impressed you could sleep. I babysat and often had a hard time staying awake until the parents got home, but that was on those late night date night things.

The High Family said...

uh....ooooops! LOL