Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ever Wonder What a Bitch Looks Like?

Or two bitches for that matter?

bitches (noun)\ˈbich-es\: Usually two women running away with their jogging strollers without offering to help after your angelic son has flipped over the double-stroller containing your 8 month old baby girl.


Elle said...

Yeah, people suck. I lived in D.C. when my daughter was just a tiny babe and I couldn't believe how rude people were when I would need help like a door to be opened while I was manuvering (sp?) her big ass stroller.

We just moved back to N. Cali in July and it's so much better although there's rude people everywhere. My hubs is in the military so we've lived several places. I'm working on a post about something that happened last year in D.C. when I was changing my daughter's diaper. Exciting stuff. ;)

I love your blog, glad I came across it!

The High Family said...

I guess you need to move to central PA because we only have ONE bitch here. ;)