Monday, November 29, 2010

We love SITS-MAS!

It's that time of year again! SITS-mas is here!! Below you'll see the holiday card my family will be emailing this year. I LOVE doing Christmas cards, but unfortunately the economy is taking its toll on our family, and we'll be emailing our cards. I guess you could look at it like this; we're saving the environment too!

In our house we're in full holiday is decorated, tree is up, Christmas tunes are playin', and my son is constantly sneaking the red and green M&M's. How about you? When do you decorate for Christmas? Do you say bah-humbug to it all and wait until the last minute? Do you do your shopping online to avoid the stores?

We’re celebrating at SITS with 12 Days of SITSmas giveaways and today visitors are encouraged to post Christmas cards on their blogs (I used Picnik) and then link them up. Come join the fun!


Kim said...

What a great family photo! I know what you mean about mailing all those cards - we're feeling the crunch too. We're starting all that decorating next week.

Lolli said...

I love your card, and I love that you are emailing it!! I tried convincing my husband that we needed to do that last year, but he insisted on sending out real card. Pshaw!

The Busy Bee said...