Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What My Single Friends Don't Understand

I don't have many single friends or childless friends. The one that comes to mind is getting married in two weeks so she won't be single for long...and hopefully she'll have babies very soon too!! Besides all that, she understands more than most single friends, and she definitely understands more than my husbands single male friends!! This list incorporates more of his friends than mine!

What Childless Friends Don't Understand:

-That I am really not sorry that my son broke your dye cast model whatever...he thought it was a toy...oh wait, because it IS A TOY!

-That I need multiple toys or distractions for my 2 year old and 6 month old if we go out to dinner...that's why I tried to encourage a BBQ in the comfort of my own home.

-That I really didn't want to go to your wedding with my kids. Because it ended up with me running around after the 2 year old the entire time, and me trying to apologize for him stealing the grooms cake off his plate.

-That going off into the woods to poke smot at your pig roast is NOT on my to do list...unless you want to change the 6 month olds diaper, and then the 2 year old...because all this fresh air is making.them.poop.

-That no, babies aren't born potty trained.

-That I would love to just pick up and leave this godforsaken part of the country every winter and drive to California in my vintage car, and then to Key West(like you). But I can't. I. HAVE. KIDS!

-That saying "AAAAH BAAAA!" to a two year old isn't necessary...he can talk now. USE YOUR WORDS!

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The Schaeffer Family said...

Love the post! I noticed that some of my friends became more distant after the introduction of just one child. It was like I wasn't good enough anymore - - but I also pulled away. There is one friend in particular that really isn't anymore because when I became a grown up, I veered off in a totally different direction. Just remember that no matter what - - your BiFFs are here to stay. I have a feeling that your not-single-for-long gal pal won't leave you hanging either. We love you!

Angie said...

Found you at Mama Kat's and really enjoyed your post. I have an 8-month old little girl and am continuously amazed at how much crap we have to take with us whenever we go anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. Guys are dumb when it comes to kids, unless they grow up around them.

My husband has just recently become awesome with kids, that's after our second niece turned one and a bit, and we started spending tons more time with them.. And now he's finally gotten a bit more of a handle on what kids are actually like and what you can or can't do with them..

Really enjoyed your post. Stopped in from Mama Kat's.

p.s. what is it with pig roasts? They don't appeal to me at all.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I guess if you haven't been around kids, you just don't know what babies and kids can do.

Even my brother, who was married, but childless, would ask some pretty silly questions about what my kids did - was he not paying attention when I was born and he was 13?


scargosun said...

We're not really all that bad. I think sometimes we just miss the people our friends used to be before kids and that's ok. You giys had to adjust faster and better I might add b/c your kids are right there in front of you. For us non-kid people, we had to adjust too.

MommyNeedsCake said...

Stopping by from MamaKat's

I actually spit out my drink on your first point about the die casts! My husband has, wait, had several cars that my 3yo has now lovingly destroyed. You'd think we'd told my husband that ESPN was canceled when he saw those things. Get over it big dudes.

And so true about the restaurants & weddings. I'm thinking the next time any one insists on going out for dinner with us, we're going to Chuck E. Cheese - take THAT childless people! ;-)

Great post!

The Lady's Lounge said...

Also, that it's not because I'm old (ok maybe a little bit) or a lame ass that I don't want to stay out for 6 more drinks, it's because I don't get to sleep till noon then nurse my hangover with tea and re-runs of Gilligan's Island all day tomorrow.
Good morning 6 am!!

Karen Peterson said...

And THIS is why I don't hang out with my friends that have kids. Even my best friend that I've known for 20 years.