Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not my first Random thought...

But it's the first time I've blogged about them.


My cat peed in the bathtub last night. I cursed and swore at her up and down, then I threw her outside in 3 degrees to spend the night in the snow. THAT'S how I felt about THAT! I woke up this morning and my husband left me a note: "Jinx peed in the tub again this morning. I whacked her and threw her outside. Caught her in the act"


I googled "why does my cat pee in the tub?" looks like it could be a UTI, taking her to the vet tomorrow. For now I'm on tub watch.

Should I feel bad that I plop my kid on the sofa to watch Little Bear while I type out random thoughts? He's way into the TV, more than I should let him...but sometimes I need a minute, or 30.

Been trying to envision where I want this whole blog thing to go. Not sure I have a vision yet, just know that I like getting things "out" there that my family(my husbands) doesn't get to see. They wouldn't get it. They don't entirely "get" the family blog yet. I guess they're not much for the techy baby book idea. Hey, I have a hard copy baby book too. I just like the interactive bloggy world.

Trying to find a color to paint our laundry room has proven to be much more difficult than I thought. All the other colors in our house were no-brainers, but for some reason they make 1,434 different shades of yellow, and I really don't want my laundry too look like the McDonalds golden arches. Why did we buy a fixer-uper again? I just have to keep telling myself, it's the last room.

Ah, well Little Bear is over and I have about 43 seconds until the little guy comes to find me in the office. 4,3,2,1...and there he is!


Julie from Momspective said...

In the tub, eh? Interesting. At least it wasn't on the couch or floor where the smell will permeate for all of eternity :)

Jen said...

At least your cat is peeing in the tub. My parents had a cat, with a UTI problem, and it peed on the stove. That was disgusting. At least you can easily clean out the tub.

I was also going to suggest yellow for your laundry room, a canary or light but bright yellow. Good luck.